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Business and Project Feasibility Analysis

Planejamento de espaço

The success of a project is based on three aspects:

Technicians - which refers to manufacturing capacity;

Financial - Which must be manufactured to the desired quality at the lowest possible cost

Economic - Where the market must be willing to pay a price higher than the cost of manufacturing added to the attractiveness rate.

The feasibility study aims to map all the technical, economic and financial aspects related to the project in order to evaluate the feasibility of the business or the project to be developed.


Business Feasibility Analysis

It is common for companies to present difficulties in the elaboration of financial and economic results, where in many cases they may imply large differences between the expected and projected values, in some cases the value is for more, and in many others the value is changed to any less. Whether it is for investors, companies or entrepreneurs, the feasibility analysis assists in decision making in relation to the progress of the business, offering a consolidated position, which facilitates the decision making process regarding the continuity, expansion, investment or modifications of the business . Presenting directly the strengths and weaknesses, and where are the main losses and opportunities for improvement.



Feasibility Analysis of Projects

Paper accepts everything, and it is common for projects to present data and productivity expectations, manufacturing and operating costs differ from what actually will happen once the investment has been made and any modification becomes more costly. The project's feasibility analysis has as main objective to validate the technical process that is expected to be carried out at the moment the operation phase begins, and according to these expectations to obtain financial and economic data in order to verify if it is valid or not to invest, as well as what would be the impacts of small changes in production capacity on the economic results of the project.


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