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Workshops and Training

Equipe do negócio

In our courses and capacities we take as a base a methodology of concept / application, where in a collaborative way and usually in groups, we develop tasks with the purpose of fixing knowledge in a more dynamic and applied way. We offer activities in the area of entrepreneurship and in the area of Biotechnology, according to the need of the company.


Every day in our lives, people and professionals, we make small decisions that have a great impact in the long run. In workshops and training in the area of ​​entrepreneurship, we associate the commonly used tools to structure and shape business while focusing primarily on collaborative and critical development in making individual and joint decisions. When requesting one of our courses, we integrate the tools according to the interests of the participants, which include:


Entrepreneurial Motivation

Decision-making processes

Entrepreneurship Tools (Canvas, Pivotal, MVP)

Product Development Plans

Team Integration

Collaborative Development


We already have workshops for:


Undergraduate and Postgraduate students



Mixed public


Tell us a little of your story and we will set up a workshop according to your interests and your group.


Biotechnology and Laboratories

In the area of ​​biotechnology, our main expertise is industrial microbiology where we work with processes that use bacteria, fungi and microalgae for the production of compounds of commercial and industrial interest. We have already done dozens of courses and trainings, among them:


Industrial Microbiology


Field Sampling

Good practices in laboratories

Isolation of species



If you are interested in receiving more information and detailed description of one of our courses, please contact us, we are at your disposal.

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