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Entrepreneurs and Startups

We are a startup of Biotechnology, which like other entrepreneurs we face several difficulties and barriers to get in and consolidate in the market. Understanding the main obstacles, we aim to use our learning curve to help other professionals who have the expectation of making new business possible in the area of biotechnology. We offer some exclusive services to startups and entrepreneurs that start from the elaboration of the business model, to the construction of pilot units.


Business Strategic Planning

In all markets there are barriers, some simpler to penetrate and others more complex. Through the Strategic Business Plan it is possible to observe in a more systematic way the market and choose the best path for entry and consolidation.

Cervejaria moderna

Prototyping of Pilot Units

In biotechnology the gain in scale of production processes imply one of the main challenges of this industry. With experience in the Scale-up of systems operated with bacteria, fungi and microalgae, Brasbiotec offers the right solution for you that wants to expand its production.

Voar Avião de Papel

Business Accelerator

For projects in the initial stage, the validation of the business model is an important point in order to be able to systematically advance the business and optimize the use of resources. Using a methodology exclusively for biotechnology companies, Brasbiotec offers the ideal service for you to boost your business.

Brainstorming de mulheres jovens

Workshops and Training

In our courses and training, we present in a simplified way different tools of entrepreneurship and innovation, to activities of laboratory practices and the technical aspects of fermentative processes. Get to know a little more about our didactics and the courses held all over Brazil.

We keep the mind of the beginner in our values, where we are always looking for new tools and learning in order to maximize our results and bring to our partners and employees what is most functional in the market. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

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