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For companies in operation, we present solutions that aim to contribute to competitiveness, optimizing the use of resources and reducing waste.

Gestão de gás

Industrial Diagnostics

Many industries throughout the operational process, do not reach their maximum productivity or even show a performance drop during the operation. Brasbiotec offers a specific service for industries that aim to identify the potential improvement points of the processes in operation.

patenteabilidade Pesquisa

Intellectual Property and Technological Innovation

Focused on the biotechnology market, we assist companies in the process of analyzing the degree of technological maturation and in the patent feasibility study, through the use of technological prospecting tools that allow us to identify the best strategies for protecting intellectual property

Carta de Investimento

Feasibility analysis

In order to verify in a judicious way the possibility of success of new projects, process changes and new technology implementations, Feasibility Analysis evaluates technical, economic and financial criteria, allowing a systematic view of the scenarios, aiding the decision making.

Planejamento de espaço

Project development

Brasbiotec offers project management and development services to support the project execution and implementation process, which together with the partnership company define the best execution alternatives, based on a delivery-based execution plan.

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