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In our business and projects, we build on technical and economic knowledge to reduce risk and maximize our returns. With expertise in the area of innovation and biotechnology projects, we offer investors solutions for better business and project evaluation.

Carta de Investimento

Feasibility analysis

In the feasibility analysis for investors, we performed an end-to-end analysis of the project, starting from technical aspects such as productive capacity, to economic-financial analysis, allowing a systematic view of the project scenario, mapping the strengths, weaknesses, that the investor can thus have a better basis for decision making

Analisando os Números

Business Valuation

The degree of uncertainty of new business in biotechnology is high, and for a valuation, Brasbiotec includes in its process an evaluation of the degree of technological maturity, allowing an evaluation of future prospects with additional criteria, thus reducing the subjectivity of the new business.

Lendo jornal

Portfolio for Investment

In our day to day, we develop new businesses and projects with the interest in bringing value to the market. In our portfolio, we have opened the opportunity for investors to participate in our businesses from different modalities, allowing us to face the risk according to their expectation and interest.

With the value of delivery of results, in business and projects we fully evaluate data and information regarding the opportunity with the aim of increasing business assertiveness. We are building a business portfolio, in the most diverse areas of biotechnology, with the aim of delivering value to the market through products and services.

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