Portfolio for Investment

As investors, we seek to maximize our results and reduce losses, so we use technical and economic-financial analysis tools in our businesses and projects in development. Each investor has a profile, and is willing to risk according to his expectation of return, in order to present our results, we are working on a risk / return investment program.

Investment Portfolio

As a company founded with the pillar in the research and development area, Brasbiotec invests in the development of new businesses, whether they come from internal or external projects, whenever a technical and economic-financial viability is identified.

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Our initiatives are classified according to the Business Maturity Degree, which are:


  • Initiation: In the initial process, with ideas and a trained team, focused on developing the first version of the product or service and initial structuring of the business model

  • Validation: Beginning of the product commercialization, a step aimed at improving the product and the business model.

  • Traction: With the product / services validated, this phase consists of expanding the number of customers and the productive capacity on a scale that makes the operation feasible.

  • Scale-up: With the product and business model validated, and with an operation that is technically and economically and financially viable, the objective of this stage is to grow at an accelerated pace and expand to an industrial scale.

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