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Prototypinf Pilot Unities

Cervejaria moderna

There is a lot of talk about modular units and production on a pilot scale, and large investments are made in these stages of development, often making business continuity impossible due to errors in production and production calculations. At Brasbiotec, pilot-scale projects are already being developed with the aim of achieving an economic return on a preparatory scale, validating the next step, that of industrial production.

In our services, we take into account from the aspects of the design phase, considering the technologies available in the market, the bench scale tests and the estimates of productivity projection in the proposed system, allowing an evaluation of the technical and economic aspects, to the best definition of the necessary structure to produce with quality, while obtaining an economic return with the service or commercialization of the product.


The analysis of the project is of fundamental importance, since with a well-prepared scenario, small variations in the production can already be foreseen even before the assembly, thus allowing the correct dimensioning of the unit and evaluation of the return of the investment.


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