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Who we are

Founded on January 8, 2015, the idea of ​​starting a company came about because we believe that we can do things differently. Starting from the utopian idea of ​​a sustainable world, we started to think about how we can make society's relationship with the environment more respectful, developing products and processes that provide quality of life to people, while preserving natural resources in respect of the environment. environment itself.

Integrating the knowledge of Biotechnology with Industrial Engineering, Brasbiotec aims to consolidate itself as a Mixed Holding of Companies, offering the service of industrial consulting while investing in the development of new technologies for the formation of a business portfolio.

We are currently in the process of validation, in the consultancy area, we already have some services performed and others in progress, allowing the monetization of the company at the same time that we accelerate the learning curve. Regarding the development of new technologies, we have some projects already underway, such as a 4.0 microbrewery, a natural nail antifungal and a biorefinery.

Our vision is until 2030 to be the largest business group of companies in the biotechnology area in Latin America, surpassing the portfolio of investment funds and other holding companies that invest in the sector.

Our Values ​​Are:
- Transparency
 - Process Focus

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