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Árvores na floresta


Every day, new technologies emerge and the market becomes more and more competitive, and for this it is necessary to know both the company's internal processes, as well as the main competitors and technological advances in the market. 


Our focus is Industrial Biotechnology, and the success is in the productivity gain of partners and customers. Thus, we present a portfolio of services based on Bioprocess, Industrial Engineering and Strategic Planning tools.


Our Industrial Diagnosis services are central to the detailed analysis of the technical and economical-financial aspects of a production process. In other words, we identify the impacts of each critical point and opportunities for improvement, in addition to mapping alternatives to increase the productivity of the process.


The best way to make a decision is to assess the potential of the opportunity. Based on technical and economic-financial information, we assess the potential of the opportunity in relation to your projections and expectations, making the decision-making process more assertive, ranging from investment projects in new companies to the expansion of production units.


Through a combination of consulting and advisory services, we enter into the company's operational routine and identify the main opportunities to gain performance.

Faça parte da nossa comunidade!

Comunidade aberta voltada para a integração e comunicação de iniciativas e Startups focadas no desenvolvimento de soluções bioeconômicas. 


In our New Technologies Development Center, we work on the development and/or improvements of products and services directly related to the Industrial Biotechnology industry, providing clients and partners with access to a team and structure specialized in research, development and innovation.


Consultorias, gestão e desenvolvimento de negócios através de um diagnóstico prévio:

  • Consultorias de Apoio à Gestão;

  • Consultorias de Planejamento Estratégico;

  • Atuação em Gestão Estratégica.


The success of a project is directly associated with good management of resources, desired quality and available time. Designed to meet different types of demands, Brasbiotec's project office offers the necessary tools for good project management of the development of biotechnological products and processes.


To stay alive in a competitive market, the first step is management and the second is innovation. Through TI & IP services, we help our partners and customers to advance technologically and have a strategic vision of the technologies used and market trends. Among our specialties in this area we have:

  • Patent Feasibility Study

  • Technological Prospection

  • IP Training

  • Industrial Design Registration

  • Patent Writing

  • Patent Filing

  • Brand Registration

  • Expert Consultancy

E mais!

Nossos serviços são adequados ao contexto da sua organização ou empresa, buscando compreender quais os desafios atuais, e dessa forma, conseguimos ajudá-lo a se desenvolver mais rápido.


Developed for the improvement of a competence or methodologies, Brasbiotec's courses and training were designed for the participant to absorb the knowledge and master the tool through practice.  

We offer several specialized courses in different areas of Biotechnology, some of which are:

  • Technological Prospecting

  • Microalgae Technology

  • Technology in Fermented Drinks

  • Bioprospecting for Microorganisms 

  • Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology

  • Project Feasibility Analysis

  • Good laboratory practices

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