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Intellectual Property and Technological Innovation

Análise de mercado

Every day more companies are updating themselves through the development of new technologies and solutions, seeking to develop more competitive products and processes, either to serve new markets or to increase the efficiency of the production process. Through the technological prospecting process, it is possible to obtain a systematic view of scientific and technological developments, and to verify their potential to influence industry and economics.

In our technological prospecting work, starting the analysis or Degree of technological maturity, the client selected by the client, and then we elaborated a patented Feasibility Study, thus allowing to develop a better technology protection strategy.

Technological Maturity Degree
In the process of developing new technologies, some criteria are defined to determine the degree of maturity that starts from scientific studies until the application of technology on an industrial scale. Through the analysis of technological maturity, it is possible to determine the current stage of development and what are the steps and processes necessary for the technology to reach an industrial scale.

Patent Feasibility Study
In this stage, through the mapping of the main means of scientific and technological development, the potential for patenting the technology of interest to the client is evaluated, allowing to identify or meet the requirements of novelty, inventive step and industrial application.

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