With each passing day new technologies emerge and the market becomes increasingly competitive, and for that it is necessary to know both the internal processes of the company, as well as to know the main competitors and technological advances in the market.


Reducing operating costs by optimizing the use of resources is essential for any company that aims to maintain its competitive operation. Through the integration of Industrial Biotechnology, Economic Engineering and Strategic Business Planning tools, we provide customers with an overview and detailed view of projects and operational processes.

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To keep our partners and customers always with the best technologies, products and processes, through our project office, we work from planning to execution of improvement and innovation projects, we work with:

  • Development of New Technologies;

  • Improvement of processes in operation;


In an increasingly competitive market, it is essential to know your competitors, partners and customers well, and at the same time follow the technological advances in the segment to keep your process up to date. Through services in the area of ​​intellectual property, we contribute for companies to advance technologically and have a differentiated strategic vision of the market, among our specialties in this area we have:

● Patent Feasibility Study
● Technological Prospecting
● IP training
● Industrial Design Registration
● Patent Writing
● Patent filing
● Trademark Registration
● Specialized Consulting


With a teaching method based on case studies and application of knowledge, we offer specialized courses in different areas of Biotechnology. Some of our courses:

  • Technological Prospecting

  • Bioprospecting of Microorganisms

  • Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology

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